Baby of the week: Kaiden David George Lightfoot

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Kaiden David George Lightfoot was born on December 27, 2016, at 6.56pm in Forth Valley Royal Hospital, weighing 5lb 10oz.

THE PARENTS: Courtney Bissett (17) is a full-time mum, while dad James Lightfoot (23) is a chef. The family live in Grangemouth.

THE PREGNANCY: It was a difficult nine months for Courtney who had morning sickness every day right up until the birth. She said: “It was terrible. People talk about glowing through pregnancy but all I did was sleep.”

THE BIRTH: Fortunately this was a bit easier and Courtney was only in labour for two and a half hours. Kaiden had been due on January 4.

THE BABY: Mum describes him as “brilliant” and very content. She said: “He’s been sleeping through the night since he was one month old.”

THE NAME: “Kaiden was a name that I always liked and said if I ever had a son that’s what I would call him.” They chose the middle names by putting four names from each family in a hat and pulling out one of each – but David and George feature on both sides so everyone was happy.

THE GRANDPARENT: Grandmother Sonja Bissett of Redding is delighted with her first granddaughter.

THANKS: A grateful Courtney wants to say a big thank you to her mum for all her help and support during her pregnancy and since Kaiden’s birth.