Baby of the Week: Jessica Templeman

Baby of the Week - Jessica Templeman
Baby of the Week - Jessica Templeman

THE DETAILS: Jessica was born
on January 19, at 6.03am in Forth Valley Royal weighing 6lb 2oz.

THE PARENTS: Mum Stephanie Smith (22) is a customer service worker in Stirling and dad John Templeman (27) is a joiner. The couple live together with John’s three-year-old son Ashton.

THE PREGNANCY: Stephanie said that the pregnancy was very smooth with no problems. She 
said: “Everything went fine, I 
didn’t really even have morning sickness.”

THE BIRTH: Jessica could not wait to be born and arrived five weeks early, surprising mum and dad. Stephanie said: “The birth was really quick. I was admitted into hospital at 5.15am and Jessica was born by 6.03am.”

THE BABY: Jessica is doing very well according to mum. She said: “She is brilliant. Jessica has put on some weight and is sleeping a lot better. Almost all the way through the night.” Ashton loves giving the new addition high fives.

THE NAME: The couple had a few names they both liked and Jessica was the top of the list for both parents.

THANKS: A big thank you to Stephanie’s parents Elaine and Stephen Smith and John’s mum, Carol Templeman. Also a massive thanks to staff at Forth Valley Royal.