Baby of the week: Jessica Isobel Niven

Baby of the week Jessica Niven
Baby of the week Jessica Niven

The birth of Jessica Isobel Niven

THE PARENTS: Allison (39) and John (40) live in Grangemouth and Jessica’s big brother Mason is five. John works at Ineos as a construction manager and Allison is a childminder.

THE PREGNANCY: Allison said the pregnancy was great although she did go into labour three weeks early after being taken into hospital with a suspected urine infection.

THE LABOUR: When doctor’s thought Allison had a urine infection they examined her and discovered she had gone into labour. Jessica was born naturally after a 20 minute labour. She was completely healthy despite being born a little prematurely.

THE BABY: Jessica has been a good baby and is settling well into the day and night routine. She is well looked after by big brother, Mason. He likes to give her kisses and cuddles and he’s also a good help to mummy. He feeds her and burps her but refuses to change any nappies!

THE NAME: Isobel is the name of Allison’s late grandmother and Jessica was chosen because the couple always liked the name as it’s quite uncommon.

THANKS: Special thanks to the staff on the rose team at Forth Valley Hospital and Dr Archibald who delivered Jessica.

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