Baby of the Week: James Scott Rae

James Scott Rae
James Scott Rae
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The birth of James Scott Rae

THE DETAILS: James Scott Rae was born on April 26 in Forth Valley Royal Hospital at 9.56 p.m. weighing 7lb 14oz.

THE PARENTS: Mum Pamella Rae (30) is a relationships manager with Prudential Insurance in Stirling, while dad Scott Rae (39) is a self-employed butcher. James is the couple’s second child and the family live in New Carron.

THE PREGNANCY: Pamella had a pretty easy pregnancy this time round. She said she was tired but that the months flew in, especially as she was running after her young daughter. The siblings are just a year and six days apart.

THE BIRTH: Little James arrived a week early. Pamella’s waters broke but she wasn’t contracting so she was induced two days later. The baby was delivered naturally and quickly afterwards.

THE BABY: James is a very content little baby. He sleeps all night and has a very healthy appetite. He loves to watch his big sister, 15-month-old Jessica.

THE NAME: Dad got to do the honours this time around as Pamella had chosen their daughter’s name. Scott went with his own name in the middle while James is after his father.

THE GRANDPARENTS: James is a sixth grandchild for Jack Foster of California and the late Jean Foster. He is also a fifth grandchild and first grandson for Julie and James Rae of Carron.

THANKS: Thanks go to all family and friends for all the kind gifts, cards and best wishes.

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