Baby of the week; Harris Cheape

Harris Cheape
Harris Cheape

The birth of Harris Cheape

THE PARENTS: Mum Kirsty (33) is from Stenhousemuir and is an environmental health officer, and dad David (32) from Falkirk is a green keeper at Linlithgow Golf Club. Harris is the couple’s first baby and the family now live back in Stenhousemuir.

THE PREGNANCY: Kirsty said the pregnancy was plain sailing, although she had morning sickness for the first three months.

THE BIRTH: Baby Cheape arrived five days early. Everything progressed well, and David cut the cord.

THE BABY: Harris is doing really well. He’s feeding well, sleeps for eight hours a night and is very inquisitive.

THE NAME: Kirsty and David had picked out some girls names but were a bit stuck for a boy. Kirsty spotted ‘Harris’ online and it grew on the couple from then. ‘David’ is after Harris’s Papa.

THE GRANDPARENTS: Harris is a first grandchild for Jim and Linda Grant from Stenhousemuir, and a fifth grandchild for David and Clare Cheape of Falkirk.

THANKS: Thanks to the midwives at the hospital, the grandparents and all well wishers.