Baby of the week: Hannah Ellis Galloway

Hannah Ellis Galloway
Hannah Ellis Galloway

The birth of Hannah

The parents: Stacey Welsh (27) is a former chef who now works as a full time mummy and Andrew Galloway (32) is a courier. The couple live in Bainsford, Falkirk and there are three other children in the family, Amber (10) Kasie (9) and Gabriel (6).

The pregnancy: Stacey’s pregnancy was quite normal and healthy with just a couple of niggles along the way. She suffered from leg cramps and Carpal tunnel syndrome in her wrist.

The labour: She went into labour around 1am and about three hours later Hannah was born. Stacey and Andy both agree the whole experience was “surreal!”

The name: When Stacey gave birth, the cord was wrapped around baby’s neck and it took a few minutes for the couple to settle down and actually find out they had a girl. When Andy looked at her he just said “Hannah” and that was decided. Ellis is short for Elizabeth who was Stacey’s Grandmother.

The Baby: Stacey said she has been absolutely amazing and although she’s only 12 weeks old she loves to dance and kick her arms and legs when she hears some music.

Thanks: To all the family and the staff at Forth Valley Hospital. Stacey thanks the midwife in particular.

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