Baby of the week: Greg Murray

Greg Murray
Greg Murray

The birth of Greg Murray

THE DETAILS: Greg William Robert Murray was born at Forth Valley Royal Hospital, Larbert, weighing 5lb 1.5oz at 3.05 a.m. on February 28 – over six weeks before his due date.

THE PARENTS: Mum Lauren (28) was a support for learning assistant in a primary school, while dad Gary (35) works offshore. Greg is their first baby and the family lives in Newcarron.

THE PREGNANCY: Lauren said she had a great pregnancy and was lucky she didn’t suffer from any morning sickness. She continued going to the gym for as long as possible.

THE BIRTH: Lauren’s waters broke seven weeks before her due date and she spent the weekend in hospital where she was given steroid injections to help baby’s lungs develop. She was allowed home on the Sunday but her contractions began on Thursday. At hospital the midwife told her get her husband here fast! The labour was quick but luckily Gary made it in time for the birth.

THE BABY: Mum said he is great and loves to be cuddled and nursed.

THE NAME: The couple both liked Greg, while William and Robert are after their grandads.

THE GRANDPARENTS: Greg is a second grandson for Katie Murray of Bantaskine and a first for Anne and Sandy Haddow of Camelon.

THANKS: A special thank you to all the neonatal staff at Forth Valley Royal who looked after Greg for the first 13 days of his life and to all family for their support. Lauren would also like to thank her mum who was her second birthing partner.

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