Baby of the Week: Gracie Anne MacKay

Gracie Anne MacKay
Gracie Anne MacKay

The birth of Gracie Anne MacKay

THE DETAILS: Gracie Anne MacKay was born at 10.09 p.m. on July 17, 2014, at Forth Valley Royal Hospital weighing 9lb 3oz.

THE PARENTS: Mum Maria (29) is a pharmacy dispenser at Boots in Falkirk and dad David (32) is a team leader at a poultry farm. Gracie is the couple’s first child, and the family lives in Denny.

THE PREGNANCY: Maria said the pregnancy was fine, in fact, she really enjoyed being pregnant.

THE BIRTH: Gracie was in no hurry to make her appearance and the due date of July 5 passed. On July 16 Maria was induced but it wasn’t till the following evening that she had an emergency Caesarian section. Gracie had a minor infection and had to spend four days in the neo-natal unit, where Maria said the staff were “amazing”, adding all the midwives had been great.

THE NAME: The couple each drew up a list of names in the months before the birth but were still deliberating. However, David had taken to referring to Maria’s bump as ‘Gracie’ and when she was born the name seemed to suit their little daughter. Anne is Maria’s middle name and also part of her mum’s name.

THE BABY: A very content little one who already loves people watching, said the proud mum.

THE GRANDPARENTS: Gracie is the first grandchild for Anne Marie and Jim Maley of Denny and another granddaughter for Margaret MacKay and Colin Johnston, also of Denny.

THANKS: The couple would like to thank all the maternity staff and family and friends for support.

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