Baby of the Week: Freya Cunningham

Freya Cunningham
Freya Cunningham

The birth of Freya Cunningham.

THE PARENTS: Donna Cunningham (41) is a pharmacy dispenser in Stenhousemuir. Her husband Neil Cunningham (36) is a coach builder in Camelon. The couple have been married since April. Donna has two other children, Kieran (24) who lives in his own house and Alyse (18) who has just moved to Aberdeen to begin university.

THE PREGNANCY: Donna’s pregnancy was very normal and routine. The family just enjoyed their surprise bundle of joy.

THE LABOUR: Donna’s labour lasted one hour and was a simple procedure. With Donna being an older mummy, the doctor was happy to see Freya born five days early.

THE NAME: One day after the birth, Alyse and Neil were trying to pick a name for the new addition before both agreeing on Freya.

THE BABY: Donna said Freya has been a dream, especially as the other children have left home leaving the mum to deal with the youngster on her own. Freya is loved by all the family and thankfully sleeps eight hours every night.

THANKS: Donna and the rest of the family would like to thank the bluebell team at Forth Valley Royal, their help was amazing.