Baby of the Week: Ella Ann Robertson

Baby of the Week: Ella Ann Robertson
Baby of the Week: Ella Ann Robertson

THE DETAILS: Ella was born a 3.12am on November 12, at Forth Valley Royal Hospital weighing 8lb 0.5oz.

THE PARENTS: Mum Danielle Croy (22) is a stay-at-home-mum and dad Scott Robertson (22) works at Thomas Cook. The couple live together in Polmont with their other child Callan (3). They are engaged and are in the middle of organising a wedding which went on hold during the pregnancy.

THE PREGNANCY: Other than suffering from some sickness, Danielle said the pregnancy was fine.

THE BIRTH: Ella arrived seven days early. However, apart from that the birth was hassle free.

THE BABY: Danielle has described Ella has absolutely brilliant. She said: “She is lovely, however Ella is still not sleeping all the way through the night.” Big brother Callan is always happy to help his sister.

THE NAME: Ann is Scott’s mum’s name and Ella is from Danielle. She said: “She is sort of named after me. Just a different letter at the end.”

THANKS: Danielle would like to thank all the staff at Forth Valley Royal. A big thank you to all the grandparents Averil and Andy Croy and Jacqueline and Colin Robertson for all their help while Danielle was in hospital.