Baby of the week: Corey McIvor

Corey McIvor
Corey McIvor

The birth of Corey McIvor

THE PARENTS: Mum Emma Thomson is 26 and a home help with Falkirk Council, and dad Paul McIvor (31) is a general labourer. Corey is a first for Emma and Paul, and a little brother for Keiran McIvor (6).

THE PREGNANCY: Emma’s pregnancy was fine, although things got a bit bumpy towards the end and her condition had to be monitored in the later stages.

THE BIRTH: Little Corey was a week late. Emma went into labour naturally, but when the baby became distressed, she was induced. When that didn’t work, doctors decided to perform an emergency section.

THE BABY: Corey is fantastic according to mum. He is a very hungry baby and is sleeping well.

THE NAME: The couple had around 100 names. Corey was the third last name to be considered and Paul liked it as it was the same as the lead singer of heavy metal band Slipknot.

THE GRANDPARENTS: Corey is a first grandchild for Linda and Archie Thomson of Falkirk and a fifth for Caroline and Godfrey McIvor of Redding.

THANKS: Huge thanks to Paul and Linda and also all the terrific maternity staff at the hospital throughout Emma’s pregnancy.