Baby of the week: Clem Davidson

Clem Davidson
Clem Davidson

The birth of Clem Alexander Alan Davidson

THE PARENTS: Mum Kelly Martin (29) is a nurse and dad Iain Davisdon (29) works at Asda’s distribution centre. Clem is a first child for Kelly, a second for Iain, and a doted on little brother for Liam Davidson (8). The family live in Polmont.

THE PREGNANCY: Kelly says she had a fantastic pregnancy with no sickness.

THE BIRTH: Baby Davidson was 13 days late so Kelly had to be induced. Things got going pretty quickly after that, and baby arrived safe and well.

THE BABY: Clem is a great baby who is content and happy. He is putting on lots of weight and gets a good seven hours sleep a night. He smiles when mum and dad speak to him.

THE NAME: Clem is after Kelly’s grandfather Clement who passed away earlier this year, and Alexander is after Kelly’s grandpa who died just four days later. Alan is after Iain’s late grandpa.

THE GRANDPARENTS: The proud grandparents are Julie and Alex Martin of Polmont and David and Vivienne Davidson of Carron.

THANKS: Kelly would like to thank both her birth partners, Iain and 
her mum Julie, for “putting up with her”. Also thanks to all family and friends.