Baby of the week; Callan Rooney

Callan Rooney
Callan Rooney

The birth of Callan Rooney

THE PARENTS: Mum Lisa (30) is a sales rep with The Falkirk Herald and dad Stuart (31) is an implementation consultant based in Falkirk. Callan is the couple’s first baby and the family live in Carronshore.

THE PREGNANCY: Lisa said that the pregnancy was great. She had no sickness at all and it all went very smoothly.

THE BIRTH: Impatient Callan arrived 15 days early. Lisa had been getting some twinges in the afternoon but not serious enough to stop Stuart flying down south for work. However, Stuart had only arrived in Bristol when he got a call to come back home straight away. Lisa said it all happened very quickly after that.

THE BABY: Callan is a great, happy wee baby who is sleeping and eating well.

THE NAME: Lisa liked the name ‘Cal’ but Stuart wasn’t keen, but the couple compromised on the Scottish name ‘Callan’.

THE GRANDPARENTS: Callan is a first grandchild for Amanda and Craig Hutton of Carronshore, and a third for Jacqui MacGillivray and Jim Rooney of Bo’ness.

THANKS: Special thanks to the Bluebell team at the hospital.