Baby of the week: Benjamin Gow

Baby Benjamin Michael Gow
Baby Benjamin Michael Gow

The birth of Benjamin Michael Gow

THE PARENTS: Cheryl (33) is a full time mum and Michael (34) is a control room technician with BP, working off shore. The family live in Reddingmuirhead with proud big sister Olivia (2).

THE PREGNANCY: Cheryl had a terrible pregnancy and suffered with hyperemesis gravidarum, causing severe sickness right up until giving birth to Benjamin. This resulted in frequent hospital stays for Cheryl and made looking after Olivia difficult.

THE BIRTH: Benjamin was born by planned caesarian section and the birth was straight forward.

THE NAME: Cheryl and Michael struggled to choose a name and eventually put their three favourites into a bowl for Olivia to draw. She chose out Benjamin and the family filmed the event to show him in the future. His middle name is after dad, Michael.

THE BABY: Benjamin is a content and happy baby who loves eating and getting cuddles with his big sister.

THANKS: Cheryl and Michael wish to thank the Poppy team at Forth Valley Royal and to all their family and friends for their help during the pregnancy and birth.