Baby of the week: Ava McWilliams Ronnay

Baby of the week: Ava Ronnay
Baby of the week: Ava Ronnay

The birth of Ava McWilliams Ronnay

THE PARENTS: Emma Ronnay (27) is a maths teacher from Grangemouth and Graeme Ronnay is a Sky engineer from Brightons. The family live in Reddingmuirhead.

THE PREGNANCY: Emma was very sick for the first 20 weeks but enjoyed the middle part of her pregnancy. Towards the end, especially by going ten days overdue, she was very uncomfortable.

THE BIRTH: Emma went into labour on Thursday and Ava arrived on Saturday so the labour was exhausting but worth it when Graeme announced “It’s an Ava!” and they saw their daughter.

THE BABY: Ava is a content girl who smiles a lot but doesn’t love sleep as much as her mum and dad.

THE NAME: The couple chose Ava because they loved the name and McWilliams is Emma’s maiden name.

THE GRANDPARENTS: Ava is the first grandchild for Irene McWilliams from Grangemouth and second grandchild for Jacqui Ronnay from Brightons and grandad Alex Ronnay from Falkirk.

THANKS: Thanks to all family and friends for their support and for their beautiful gifts. Also thanks to the Poppy team at FVRH.