Baby of the Week: Ava Jardine

Ava Jardine
Ava Jardine

The birth of Ava Jardine

THE DETAILS: Ava Jardine was born at Forth Valley Royal Hospital weighing 7lb 4.5oz on April 3 at 10.07 a.m.

THE PARENTS: Mum Carla (28) is a primary school teacher from Brightons and dad Steven (29) is from Polmont and is an operations manager at Street League. Ava is the couple’s first baby and the family live in Shieldhill.

THE PREGNANCY: Carla said that the pregnancy was fine and straight-forward apart from the last few weeks when she suffered a lot of back pain.

THE BIRTH: Timely Ava was two days early. Carla went into labour naturally and Ava arrived 13 hours later. Carla said dad Steven was an excellent help and the couple got to take their baby daughter home the next day.

THE BABY: Ava is a great baby. She is eating well and sleeps all night long. She loved cuddles, having a chat and bathtime. Carla said: “Her bath is her favourite time of the day.”

THE NAME: Both Carla and Stephen liked the name ‘Ava’ and it was top of their little girl list.

THE GRANDPARENTS: Ava is a first grandchild for Polmont’s Kate and Ian Jardine who have just recently had a second grandchild, and a first grand-daughter for Anne and Charlie Swinney of Brightons. She is also a first great-grandchild for Mary Cadger of Polmont.

THANKS: Carla and Stephen would like to thank their parents for all their help and support and the maternity staff at the hospital.

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