Baby of the Week: Arran Robert Oddie

Baby Arran Robert Oddie
Baby Arran Robert Oddie
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The birth of baby Arran Robert Oddie

THE PARENTS: Mum Nicola Mulgrew (25) works behind the bar at the Beancross restaurant, while dad Christopher Oddie owns Elite Paint and Bodywork Repairs in Bo’ness. Arran is their second child alongside Erin (5) and the family lives in Redding.

THE PREGNANCY: Nicola suffered from morning sickness and heartburn for the first 21 weeks of the pregnancy and “couldn’t eat a thing”.

THE BIRTH: Nicola started having contractions as she dropped Erin off at school at around 9 a.m. She rushed to hospital and was 5cm dilated when she got there and it was straightforward after that.

THE BABY: Arran is a great sleeper and sleeps right through the night. He also likes talking to his big sister. “They’re very close”, said Nicola. “Erin wants us to have more children, but I think two is enough.”

THE NAME: Arran was going to be Jack, but when he was born the couple decided he “didn’t look like a Jack” and opted for Arran instead.

THE GRANDPARENTS: Nicola’s parents Audrey and Brian Mulgrew from Avonbridge now have four grandchildren and Christopher’s mum and dad Janice and Bill Oddie from New Carron also have four.

THANKS: Nicola and Christopher would like to thank the hospital staff, both sets of parents and all their friends for their help and support. Nicola would especially like to thank big sister Tricia.

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