Baby of the Week: Archie David King

Archie David King
Archie David King

THE DETAILS: Archie David King was born at Forth Valley Royal Hospital on May 6, 2017 at 11.43am weighing 5lb 5oz.

THE PARENTS: Mum Megan Flood is 25 and an events manager and dad Jonny King, who is also 25, owns his own joinery business. Megan is originally from Denny and the family now live in Callendar with their cocker spaniel Layla.

THE PREGNANCY: Megan was very unwell throughout her pregnancy. She suffered from hyperemesis and had to go to hospital every Monday and Thursday to make sure the baby was OK. Her best day was when she was only sick 10 times.

THE BIRTH: Megan was induced five weeks early because she was so unwell. The labour lasted for three days but the gas and air pain relief didn’t agree with the baby so it all happened naturally.

THE BABY: Archie is a great wee baby who is always happy. He is still petite at 14lbs but laughs all the time. He wakes up in the morning saying “Dada” and loves his bath.

THE NAME: Megan and Johnny couldn’t decided on a name. They wanted an older name and were torn between Archie and Alfie, but settled on Archie.

THANKS: Special thanks from Megan go to Jonny and everyone else who was around her when she was ill.