Baby of the week: Amber Maisie Lapsley

Amber Lapsley
Amber Lapsley

The birth of Amber Maisie Lapsley.

THE DETAILS: Amber Maisie Lapsley was born on Wednesday, August 5 at 11.33am in Forth Valley Hospital weighing 8lb 7oz.

THE PARENTS: Jenni (32) and David (30) live in Brightons. Jenni works as a hairdresser and as an assessor at Falkirk Valley College. David is a manufacturing Technician. They also have a Westie called Hector.

The Pregnancy: Jenni said the pregnancy was okay. However pelvic pain meant she had to be on crutches for the final six weeks of pregnancy. She also had back pain from standing for long periods of time while at work and had to wear a belt to help her.

THE LABOUR: The labour lasted 17 hours with Jenni eventually needing a forceps delivery. She said it was horrific – however, it was worth it to have her baby at the end of.

THE BABY: Amber has fallen into a good routine of sleeping at night. However, it did take her a few weeks to do so, as mum and dad experienced the full range of her lungs. Hector is not jealous of the tot, as long as he receives a pat on the head first.

THE NAME: A name could not be agreed upon, so a nurse drew one from a sick bowl! Amber was the lucky pick. Maisie is the name of David’s grandmother who sadly passed away recently.

THANKS: Thanks to everyone at Forth Valley hospital.