Baby of the Week: Alexander James Denis Johnston

Baby Alexander James Denis Johnston
Baby Alexander James Denis Johnston

The birth of Alexander James Denis Johnston

THE PARENTS: Mum is Zoe Hull (34) is an information assistant with Police Scotland while dad James Johnston (35) is a mechanic. Alexander is their second child and they live in Tamfourhill.

THE PREGNANCY: Zoe said she felt quite queasy for the first four months and was really swollen towards the end.

THE BIRTH: Alexander was five days late. It was a natural birth which went very quickly with no complications. Thankfully everything went smoothly and the birth was much easier than that of Alexander’s sister Florence, who is now two.

THE BABY: Alexander is a great little one. He sleeps through the night, a lot more than Florence and he’s now smiling and chuckling away.

THE NAME: Alexander is a family name on James’ side of the family and his middle names are those of his grandads.

THE GRANDPARENTS: Alexander is the fourth grandchild of Anne and Denis Hull, also from Tamfourhill, and the fifth grandchild of James’ parents Jean and Jamie who live in Camelon.

THANKS: Zoe and James would like to thank the Poppy Team at Forth Valley Royal Hospital for their care and all family and friends for their good wishes and presents for baby Alexander.

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