Baby of the Week: Abigail Nada Munnoch

Abigail Nada Munnoch
Abigail Nada Munnoch
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The birth of Abigail Nada Munnoch

THE PARENTS: Mum Lorraine (29)
 is a complementary therapist and dad Ross works as a technician for Ineos. Abigail is the couple’s third baby and the family lives in Reddingmuirhead.

THE PREGNANCY: Lorraine said that the pregnancy was fine, although she added that towards the end it did drag on a bit.

THE BIRTH: Lorraine was induced soon after her due date. Everything went very well afterwards and mum and daughter were allowed home the same day.

THE BABY: Abigail is a great baby and is “a wee star” according to her mum. She sleeps all night and loves to watch big sister Chloe (7) and big brother Blair (4). Chloe and Blair love having her around, and she’s now part of the family.

THE NAME: Abigail was a name that the couple had liked for a while. Lorraine said that had Blair been a girl, he would have been called Abigail. Nada is after Ross’s mum.

THE GRANDPARENTS: Abigail is a fifth grandchild for Nada and Gordon Munnoch of Larbert and also a fifth for Elizabeth and Johnny Fleming of Shieldhill.

THANKS: Special thanks go to the Poppy team at the hospital and also to the grandparents for all their help and support.

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