Baby of the Week: Abbie Emily Friel

Abbie Emily Friel
Abbie Emily Friel

The birth of Abbie Emily Friel

THE PARENTS: Mum Kirsty McPhie is 27 and works for William Hill, and Falkirk’s Lewis Friel (29) is a submariner with the Royal Navy. Abbie is the couple’s first baby and the family live in Bo’ness.

THE PREGNANCY: It was all good and there were no problems.

THE BIRTH: Abbie was a week early, but still gave her mum a very easy time of it. Kirsty’s waters broke a day before the baby arrived and Kirsty described waiting at the hospital like “a day out”. Things progressed the next day and baby arrived safe and well.

THE BABY: She is brilliant, according to mum. She sleeps all night and is trying to giggle and make noises.

THE NAME: Both Kirsty and Lewis liked the name Abbie. Lewis also liked Emily but there were already relatives in the family with that name, so the couple stuck with Abbie.

THE GRANDPARENTS: Abbie is a second grandchild for Elaine and Kenneth McPhie of Bo’ness and a first for Gordon and Louise Friel of Laurieston. She’s also a first great-grandchild for Betty and Jim Friel of Falkirk.

THANKS: Special thanks to the fantastic staff at the hospital.