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Dexter Murphy Moran
Dexter Murphy Moran

The birth of Dexter

THE PARENTS: Rachel (33) is a revenue assistant at Falkirk Council and Paul (35) is an architectural technician. They live in Hallglen and also have a two-year-old son, Calvin.

THE PREGNANCY: Rachel’s pregnancy was “pretty straightforward” although she did end up having some health problems towards the end of it. High blood pressure resulted in her having a caesarean section.

THE BIRTH: Rachel lost a lot of blood and ended up in intensive care. She stayed in hospital for a week but is now back to full health. When she looks back on her time in hospital she can’t believe how ill she was then and how quickly she recovered.

THE NAME: When their first child Calvin was born, Dexter was one of the names Rachel and Paul had talked about so when they had another boy it was an easy decision to make. Murphy was top of their list for a girl so it was chosen to be the middle name instead.

THE BABY: Dexter is sleeping through the night and feeding well. Big brother Calvin loves him to bits and won’t leave him alone.

THANKS: Rachel wants to thank the whole family for helping out with Calvin while she was in Hospital and all the staff in the intensive care unit and maternity ward.

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