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Baby Sophia Lattka
Baby Sophia Lattka

The birth of Sophie Lattka

THE PARENTS: Lucy Lattka (26) is a service administrator with Xylem Water Solutions in Throsk and Anthony Lattka (30) is a senior paint technician with H&J Burgoyne Ltd in Airth. The family live in Carronshore and Sophia is their first baby.

THE PREGNANCY: Lucy had a difficult pregnancy for the first five months with terrible morning sickness but felt better towards the end.

THE BIRTH: Lucy was experiencing pains and was back and forth to the hospital for a couple of days before being admitted on Friday morning. Sophia was born at 5.05pm that day and the birth was relatively straight forward.

THE BABY: Sophia is a brilliant baby who sleeps right through the night and feeds well. She is a very smiley and content girl and her mum and dad adore her.

THE GRANDPARENTS: Sophia is the first grandchild for Helen Tennant of Fankerton and a second for Agnes Lattka of Carronshore and Stan Lattka of Carronshore.

THANKS: Lucy would like to thank the Bluebell team at the hospital and Helen and Anthony for being excellent birthing partners. Thanks also to all family and friends for their gifts and cards.

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