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SFFH Jackson Charlie Campbell Baby of the week
SFFH Jackson Charlie Campbell Baby of the week

The birth of Jackson Charlie Campbell

THE PARENTS: Ruth Allison (32) and John Campbell (26) live in Roseburn. Ruth is a marketing manager with Edinburgh University Press and grew up in Falkirk. John is a director of a tile distributor.

THE PREGNANCY: Ruth said the whole pregnancy was fine and there were no health concerns, although Jackson was born a little prematurely.

THE LABOUR: Ruth’s waters broke prematurely on May 22 as the baby wasn’t due until June 13. She had to be induced but this didn’t help and a few days later she had to have a caesarian section. She was in hospital for eight days but both mother and baby are now doing fine.

THE BABY: Jackson has been a good baby and only cries when he’s hungry. He gets up every few hours for a feed but is sleeping well.

THE NAME: The couple had a long list of names to choose from and decided on Jackson because they kept coming back to it during the decision making. Charlie is a family name so they wanted to use that for Jackson’s middle name.

THANKS: Ruth wanted to thank her dad Wilf and she also paid thanks to John’s mum and dad, Peter and Mary and John’s sister Jennifer.