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The birth of Noah Owen Ian Hextall Pugh

THE DETAILS: Noah was born on September 26, 2012, at 9.18 a.m. at the Southern General Hospital in Glasgow weighing 6lb 14.5oz.

THE PARENTS: Mum Michelle Hextall (33), from Denny, is an account manager for Real Radio and Gary Pugh (37), from Anglesey, is a branch manager at Co-op in Balfron. The couple live in Glasgow. Noah is the couple’s first child, and Gary already has children Vince (11) and Amy (9) who are delighted with their new brother.

THE PREGNANCY: After the initial morning sickness, everything was great.

THE BIRTH: Noah was five days late, but when it started it was fast.

THE BABY: Noah is an absolute pleasure. He has slept well from the start and now sleeps through the night. He loves his gym mat, songs and reading books.

THE NAME: ‘Noah’ was always the favourite and the couple thought it was fitting with all the rainy weather! ‘Owen’ is Gary’s dad’s name and ‘Ian’ is Michelle’s dad’s.

THE GRANDPARENTS: Noah is the first grand-child for Ian and Jean Hextall, Denny and the eighth grandchild for Owen and Rita Pugh of Anglesey.

THANKS: Thanks to all family and friends for all the love and best wishes and staff at the Southern General.

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