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The birth of Leonie Potter

THE DETAILS: Leonie Potter was born on August 1, 2012, at Forth Valley Royal Hospital at 8.12 p.m. weighing 5lb.

THE PARENTS: Mum Lorraine Allison (20) is from Denny, and dad Steven Potter (27) is from Bonnybridge. Leonie is the couple’s second baby and the family live in High Bonnybridge,

THE PREGNANCY: The pregnancy was fine and went by very fast.

THE BIRTH: Lorraine went into labour naturally three weeks early. But apart from being a little on the early side all was well with mum and baby and they got to go home the next day.

THE BABY: Leonie is a great wee baby, say her proud parents. She is sleeping and eating well and already likes to watch a bit of TV. She also likes to watch her big brother, two-year-old Steven.

THE NAME: Lorraine has always liked the name ‘Leonie’, even from when she was first pregnant with her first child.

THE GRANDPARENTS: Leonie is a third grand
child for Eileen and Andrew Potter who come from Denny, and a third for James and Linda Allison who also live in Denny.

THANKS: Special thanks to all staff at the hospital.

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