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The birth of Layla-Rose Godfrey

THE DETAILS: Layla-Rose Godfrey was born on November 10 at Forth Valley Royal Hospital at 6.25 p.m. weighing 9lb 4.5oz.

THE PARENTS: Mum Leighanna (32) is a hairdresser, and dad Stephen (31) is a postman. Layla-Rose is their first baby and the family live in Camelon.

THE PREGNANCY: The pregnancy was good, and much better than Leighanna thought.

THE BIRTH: Leighanna was 12 days late and was induced in hospital. It was quite a long labour and Layla-Rose finally arrived by c-section. Mum and baby were well but spent a week in hospital.

THE BABY: The baby is doing great. She is eating and sleeping well although still “has her moments”. She’s also starting to smile at mum and dad.

THE NAME: ‘Layla’ was a name the couple liked, and ‘Rose’ was the first type of flower Stephen ever gave Leighanna.

THE GRANDPARENTS: Layla-Rose is a welcome new grandchild for Rhona and Peter Godfrey who live in Grangemouth, and Joann and Leslie McBride who come from Bo’ness.

THANKS: Special thanks to family and friends for all their support.

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