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The birth of Kate Nancy Maxtone

THE DETAILS: Kate Maxtone was born at 2.40 p.m. on October 19, 2012, at Forth Valley Hospital, weighing 7lb.

THE PARENTS: Mum Christina Maxtone (25) is from Grangemouth.

THE PREGNANCY: Christina said: “It was the worst pregnancy ever.”

THE BIRTH: Christina described the birth as extremely quick which made up for the dreadful pregnancy. Kate was born 12 days late and Christina was in labour for 2 hours 40 minutes.

THE BABY: Kate is a very happy, bright and alert baby. Christina describes her as the “best baby anyone could ask for”.

THE NAME: Christina had her heart set on the name Millie up until three weeks before Kate was born and a friend delivered a baby girl called Millie. However, Christina said: “She looks like a Kate, I can’t imagine her named anything else.”

THE GREAT GRAN: Kate has grown very close to her great granny Anne Maxtone.

THANKS: Christina would like to thank both her gran and her friend and birthing partner, Jade Niblo for being there throughout her pregnancy. Also other family and friends that have been there for her.

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