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Ashton Templeman
Ashton Templeman

The birth of Ashton Templeman

THE DETAILS: Ashton Templeman was born at 1.16 a.m. on September 17, 2012, at Forth Valley Royal Hospital weighing 8lb 14.5oz.

THE PARENTS: Kirsty Kemp (23) is a spa therapist at Gleneagles, and John (23) is a wood machinist. Ashton is the first baby for the Grangemouth couple.

THE PREGNANCY: Kirsty suffered quite a bit of sickness at the start of the pregnancy, and a craving for sour sweets.

THE BIRTH: Baby arrived one week early. Kirsty’s waters had broken but she wasn’t contracting so had to go into hospital. It was a long, and at times, dramatic labour with Kirsty requiring a blood transfusion. But mum and baby were both well afterwards.

THE BABY: Ashton is a hungry wee boy and quickly got into a sleeping routine.

THE NAME: The couple liked the names Ashton and Harvey but when the baby was born, the couple thought the name Ashton suited him perfectly.

THE GRANDPARENTS: Ashton is a first grandchild for Sylvia and John Kemp of Falkirk, and a fifth for Carol and James Temple­man of Grange mouth.

THANKS: Thanks to birth partners John and Kirsty’s sister Claire and the amazing midwives.