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Matthew Kemp
Matthew Kemp

The birth of Matthew Martin Kemp

THE DETAILS: Matthew Martin Kemp was born at Forth Valley Royal Hospital at 9 p.m. on June 3, weighing 8lb 3oz.

THE PARENTS: Mum Jill is a civil servant and dad Brian is a mechanic. The couple live in Falkirk with their new baby and older son John (11).

THE PREGNANCY: The pregnancy was okay, although Jill suffered pelvic pain and had a few sleepless nights.

THE BIRTH: Baby Kemp was a week early. Jill experienced quite a quick labour in hospital before Matthew was born safe and well.

THE BABY: Matthew is a very content baby. He has not quite mastered sleeping through the night yet, preferring to be more of a cat napper. He is eating well and smiling for family and friends.

THE NAME: Both Jill and Brian really liked the name Matthew, and Martin is after the baby’s grandpa.

THE GRANDPARENTS: Matthew is a fourth grandchild for Jessie and Alex Gibson, and a sixth for Margaret and Charlie Kemp.

THANKS: Thanks to the Poppy team at FVRH, Jill’s friends Elizabeth and Carol, and the grandparents for extra help and