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Conner and Callum Minty
Conner and Callum Minty

The birth of Callum Robert and Conner Stewart Minty

The parents: Lynsey Minty is 33 and an office administrator and Scott is 36 and a carer. The family live in Dunipace with children Kaylee (5) and Jamie (4).

The pregnancy: Lynsey had a tough time and the severe sickness was what made her first suspect she was having twins. Towards the end she had difficulty moving and was carrying a large bump.

The birth: Lynsey was booked in for a C-section however the boys decides they didn’t want to wait that long and birth started naturally on June 28. She had an emergency C-section and the whole labour lasted only a few hours. Conner had breathing difficulties when he was born and had to be resuscitated, meaning it was four hours before the parents got a cuddle from the bigger boy.

The babies: The boys are great and rarely cry.

The grand parents: Proud grand-parents are Agnes and Stewart McDonald and Elaine and the late Robert Minty.

Thanks: The couple wish to thank the neonatal unit for their excellent care and all the hospital staff.