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Twins Luke and Sam Mitchell
Twins Luke and Sam Mitchell
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The births of Luke Robert Mitchell and Sam John Mitchell

THE PARENTS: Mum Leah, originally from Grangemouth, is 30 and works in HR at the Scottish Parliament, and dad Jimmy, from Carron, is 35 and a civil engineer. The family live in Carron with the twins’ brother, three-year-old Zach.

THE PREGNANCY: It was fine after Leah got over the surprise of seeing two babies at the 12-week scan.

THE BIRTH: Leah was induced at 35 weeks and it all happened pretty quickly after that. The babies spent two weeks in neo-natal care.

THE BABIES: The twins are doing great, sleeping all night and eating well. They have just learned how to hold toys.

THE NAMES: ‘Luke’ was a name the couple liked during Leah’s first pregnancy, and ‘Sam’ has always been a favourite name for a boy. ‘John’ is after Leah’s dad, and ‘Robert’ is after Jimmy’s grandfather.

THE GRANDPARENTS: Luke and Sam are grandchildren for John Niblo of Grange-mouth, Jane Mitchell of Carron and Jim Mitchell of Laurieston.

THANKS: Special thanks to the excellent neo-natal staff at the hospital.