Baby of the Week

Regan Nelson
Regan Nelson

The birth of Regan Nelson

THE PARENTS: Mum Joanne Grant is 29 and a staff nurse, and dad Terry Nelson is 30 and is a driving instructor. The family live in Dunipace and Regan is the couple’s first baby.

THE PREGNANCY: Joanne was surprised how well the pregnancy went as she had heard a few horror stories from friends.

THE BIRTH: Regan was four days late when she decided to arrive. Mum Joanne was in bed when she felt some pain and tried to stay at home as long as she could. Baby Regan was safely delivered a short time later.

THE BABY: Regan is doing well and likes to watch TV. She is also a great wee sleeper and has been since she was two months old.

THE NAME: ‘Regan’ is Joanne’s mum’s maiden name, so for years Joanne had wanted to call her baby ‘Regan’.

THE GRANDPARENTS: Little Regan is a third grand child for Dee and George Grant of Denny.

THANKS: Joanne would like to express her thanks to her partner Terry and also to the great staff and midwives at Forth Valley Hospital.