Baby of the Week

Jai Valentine
Jai Valentine

The birth of Jai Valentine

THE PARENTS: Mum Natalie is 27 and a full-time mum, and dad Craig (30) is a helicopter engineer based in Cumbernauld. Jai is the couple’s first baby and the family live in Falkirk.

THE PREGNANCY: The pregnancy went well, and Natalie experienced no problems.

THE BIRTH: Timely Jai was just a day late when Natalie went into labour at home. After a long labour, Jai was delivered by Cesaerean section.

THE BABY: Little Jai is a great baby who is doing well with sleeping and eating. His favourite thing to do at the moment is put things in his mouth.

THE NAME: The couple liked the name Jai and decided to go with it at the last minute.

THE GRANDPARENTS: Jai is a first grandson for Alison and Jim Toner of Falkirk, and a first grandchild for Graeme and Lesley Valentine from Dennyloanhead.

THANKS: Thanks go to the hospital’s Poppy team and the midwives.