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Belle Karen Margo Wotherspoon
Belle Karen Margo Wotherspoon

The birth of Belle Karen Margo Wotherspoon

THE DETAILS: Belle Wotherspoon was born at Forth Valley Royal Hospital on November 20, 2011 at 9.48 a.m. weighing 6lb 14oz.

THE PARENTS: Mum Nicola Ferguson is 28 and owns Utopia in Grahams Road, and dad Matt Wotherspoon (27) works as a joiner. Belle is the couple’s first baby and the family live in Laurieston.

THE PREGNANCY: Nicola had some morning sickness at the beginning of her pregnancy but then sailed through the rest. She was still working 20 minutes before her waters broke.

THE BIRTH: Belle arrived right on time. After Nicola’s waters broke, she decided to go to the cinema to watch ‘Breaking Dawn’ then went to hospital. She said the birth was “pretty easy” and found it no problem at all. Dad Matt was there and was “brilliant”.

THE BABY: Belle is doing well and is almost sleeping through the night. She likes smiling, stretching and rolling around on her changing mat.

THE NAME: ‘Beauty and the Beast’ is Nicola’s favourite Disney movie so that’s where ‘Belle’ is from, and the middle names are after both grandmothers.

THE GRANDPARENTS: Little Belle is a first grandchild for Karen and David Ferguson of Falkirk and a second for Matt and Margo Wotherspoon of Carronshore.

THANKS: Special thanks to both grannies and to Theresa, Nicola’s midwife.