Family Matters: Baby of the Week

Aiden Sean McCafferty.
Aiden Sean McCafferty.

The birth of Aiden Sean McCafferty

THE DETAILS: Aiden Sean McCafferty was born at 5.18 a.m. on May 5 at Stirling Royal Infirmary weighing 8lb 1oz.

THE PARENTS: Bonnybridge’s Arlene Livingstone is 22 and works as an early years officer, while Sean McCafferty of Falkirk is 24 and works as a painter and decorator. The family live in Bonnybridge and Aiden is their first baby.

THE PREGNANCY: Arlene said that her pregnancy was great and much better than she expected. She had no sickness at all and stayed healthy and active throughout.

THE BIRTH: Little Aiden was one week overdue, but arrived safely by natural delivery. Aiden was born with turned in feet but is now doing really well following some treatment.

THE BABY: Aiden is a great baby who is sleeping through the night. During the day, he is quite active and is a very smiley, happy baby. He is also feeding well.

THE NAME: Both mum and dad really liked the name Aiden and the middle name of Sean is after his dad.

THE GRANDPARENTS: Aiden is a first grandchild for James and Elaine Livingstone of Bonnybridge and also a first for Margaret and Giles McCafferty of Falkirk.

THANKS: Special thanks go to the Tulip team at Stirling Royal, and a big thank you to all the couple’s family and friends who sent so many lovely cards and gifts.