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Cailan McShane
Cailan McShane
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The birth of Cailan Brian McShane

THE DETAILS: Cailan Brian McShane was born on April 17 at Stirling Royal Infirmary at 5.36 a.m. weighing 9lb 15½oz.

THE PARENTS: Mum Louisa McShane (30) is from Brightons and works in the recruitment department at Falkirk Royal, while dad Brian McShane (33) is from Cumbernauld and an assistant manager at Howden’s joinery. Cailan is the couple’s second baby and the family live in Brightons.

THE PREGNANCY: Louisa had a lot of sickness during her pregnancy and suffered from pelvic pain. She also had to use crutches from about 20 weeks.

THE BIRTH: Cailan was four days late, but the labour was progressing well until the baby turned to a back-to-back position. Cailan was getting sleepy and a clip was put on his head. When his heart rate started to fall, Louisa was told that she would have to undergo an emergency Caesarean section. However, her spinal wasn’t effective meaning that she could feel the procedure and she eventually had to be given a general anaesthetic.

THE BABY: Baby Cailan is suffering a wee bit from reflux which is also disturbing his sleep. But he is a happy baby who loves company. He also likes it when his big sister, 22-month-old Ailaina, talks to him.

THE NAME: Louisa liked the name Cailan after seeing it in a book. She also likes Scottish names particularly ones that are a bit unusual.

THE GRANDPARENTS: Cailan is a second grandchild for Yvonne and Giulio Di Placido of Brightons, and a fifth for Jim and Silvia McShane from Cumbernauld.

THANKS: Special thanks go to the team at Stirling Royal, and to all the couple’s family and friends for the cards and gifts.