Family Matters: Baby of the week

Rocco Napoli
Rocco Napoli

The birth of Rocco Danny Napoli

THE DETAILS: Rocco Danny Napoli was born on April 7 at Stirling Royal Infirmary at 5.45 a.m. weighing 6lb 7oz.

THE PARENTS: Mum Sinead is 25 and works as a primary school teacher, while dad Patrice is 24 and a civil servant. Rocco is the couple’s first baby and the family live in Denny.

THE PREGNANCY: Sinead said the pregnancy was absolutely fine and she didn’t have any problems.

THE BIRTH: Little Rocco was nine days overdue when Sinead was taken to hospital to be induced. The birth went smoothly and there were no problems. Dad Patrice and Sinead’s mum Colette there to give their help and support.

THE BABY: Rocco is doing very well and is sleeping at night, only waking up once for a feed. He enjoys his food and is smiling at family.

THE NAME: Rocco’ is a name that both Sinead and Patrice have always liked, while Danny is after Sinead’s mum’s uncle.

THE GRANDPARENTS: Wee Rocco is a second grandchild for John and Colette McCormick from Falkirk, and a first grandchild for Liz and Patrick Napoli of Polmont.

THANKS: Thanks go to all the couple’s friends and family who sent cards and gifts, and to the Poppy Team at Stirling Royal Infirmary.