Family Matters: Baby of the week

Tommy Westwater
Tommy Westwater

The birth of Tommy David Westwater

THE DETAILS: Tommy David Westwater was born on April 4 at Stirling Royal Infirmary at 12.22 p.m. weighing 8lb 8.5oz.

THE PARENTS: Mum Louise Westwater (28) is from Stenhousemuir and works as a clerical assistant at the new hospital, while dad Alan Westwater (31) is from Airth and works as a maintenance worker for Hannigan Hotels. Tommy is the couple’s first baby and the family live in Stenhousemuir.

THE PREGNANCY: Louise said the pregnancy was fine. She had no problems at all and felt brilliant throughout.

THE BIRTH: Tommy was 13 days overdue when Louise was taken in to be induced. However, when little Tommy was found to be in the breech position, doctors performed a section the next day. Both mum and baby were well and got out of hospital the following day.

THE BABY: Tommy is doing very well. He has started to sleep through the night and is a very content and happy baby.

THE NAME: The names were picked because they meant a lot to both mum and dad. Tommy is Alan’s grandfather’s name and David is Louise’s dad’s name.

THE GRANDPARENTS: Tommy is a first grandchild for David and Linda Robertson from Stenhousemuir, and also a first grandchild for Jim and Rita Westwater from Airth.

THANKS: Thanks go to the Bluebell team at Stirling Royal Infirmary and to everyone who sent cards and gifts. Special thanks go to Tommy’s grandparents for all their help and support.