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Ellie Wilson
Ellie Wilson

THE DETAILS: Ellie Wilson was born on June 7 at Stirling Royal Infirmary at 11.17 p.m. weighing 8lb 13oz.

THE PARENTS: Mum Pauline is 36 and an office manager in Broxburn, and dad Stuart (38) is a self-employed joiner. The family live in New Carron and Ellie is the couple’s second child.

THE PREGNANCY: Pauline said that the pregnancy went well although she was tired as she was also looking after two-year-old Jac. She also suffered bad heartburn at the start and end of the pregnancy.

THE BIRTH: Pauline was taken into hospital to be induced 2 days after Ellie’s due date but had felt twinges the night before. She was induced about 1 p.m. and Ellie was born just after 11 p.m. Dad was there to cut the cord.

THE BABY: Ellie is a lovely baby who sleeps through the night. She is very hungry and a big girl for her age and she had a good set of lungs! Big Brother Jac kisses her goodnight before bed and helps his mum get wipes and nappies.

THE NAME: Both Pauline and Stuart liked the name ‘Ellie’ and ‘Lily’ after going through a baby name book. But as the due date approached the couple decided on ‘Ellie’ if the baby was a girl.

THE GRANDPARENTS: Ellie is a fourth grandchild for Pauline’s mum Irene Cooke of Larbert, and a third grandchild for Stuart’s mum Christine Wilson of Larbert.

THANKS: Special thanks go to the staff at Stirling Royal Infirmary and all the couple’s family and friends for their support and gifts.