Falkirk diner hits the back of the net

Sportsters new look menu delivers quality and choice
Sportsters new look menu delivers quality and choice

Sportsters is somewhere I frequent regularly – but usually on a Saturday night so I can annoy the DJ with terrible song requests and take part in dodgy dancing.

But last Thursday some friends and I headed to the Princes Street bar, diner and nightclub to try out their new menu.

The restaurant held a VIP night, with samples of some of their most popular dishes and some of their new menu additions.

We enjoyed starters including nachos with salsa, jalapenos and sour cream, spicy chicken wings and chunky beef chili.

Unfortunately, we didn’t realise these were the starters and each had several plates from the buffet. This made the next two courses pretty difficult to stomach, but somehow we powered through.

The mains included mini versions of their new burger range – with the pulled pork and the veggie option of goats cheese with marmalade and a hash brown two of the stand outs. It’s refreshing to have a menu that gets creative with vegetarian options and although the combo is bizarre, it works really well. But for the more conservative non-meat eaters, there is also a standard veggie burger available.

My meat-eating friends tucked into the cook your own steak, served on a hot rock, allowing you to decide how well done it is, and served with fries and onion rings.

The homemade, thin and crispy pizzas tasted as if they were straight from an Italian pizza oven and the hot dogs went like hot cakes.

After several rounds of starters and mains, we were all pretty stuffed but of course managed to find a small space to test out the new puddings. The churros, a fried dough pastry served with chocolate or caramel sauce, were deliciously decadent and the sticky toffee pudding and chocolate orange torte were far superior to standard pub desserts.

Service is fast, friendly and efficient and the huge bar has areas with computer games to keep kids – and big kids – happy.

For less than petite appetites, the pub offers a Man v Pig challenge and if you can devour a monster sized burger, fries, onion rings and milkshake within 30 minutes, you eat for free.

So far, only two out of five challengers have been successful, but I can think of a few people in The Falkirk Herald office who would be able to manage it without a problem.