Stuffed to perfection at Baba's Bistro

Chicken can be a hard thing to get right, especially when you've stuffed it full of something else '“ something greedy types like myself can't seem to get enough of.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 6th March 2017, 9:23 am
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 11:09 am

Whether you’re catering to discerning diners like my wife, or just hungry idiots like myself; Baba’s seem to know their stuff.

Arriving with my wife for a relaxing meal (“we deserve it, it’s been a long week”), we weren’t left to sit for long. The staff were warm, friendly, and welcoming.

First things first, you’ve got to wet your whistle, so a bottle of Pinot Grigio should set us off on the right note.

As a noted hater of anything that originated below the water level, I was pleased to see that the starter menu wasn’t too fish-heavy. My wife took the opportunity to enjoy mussels in a bloody Mary sauce with crusty bread. The sauce, though unconventional, was definitely a winner, she assures me.

Meanwhile I opted for the haggis and chorizo fritter with a poached egg and smoked whisky hollandaise. Beautifully cooked. Points alone for the poached egg skills, but the fritter wasn’t shy of flavour either. Lovely!

By now we’re on to mains. We both chose the same option, which brings me to the meat I was bleating on about earlier, chicken breast stuffed with Stornoway black pudding, served with a creamy Glayva sauce, panko croquettes and seasonal veg.

The chicken had emerged from the oven still moist and succulent – no easy feat – while the black pudding filling crumbled out onto the plate like a sack of spilled treasure.

At this point, I’ve overdone it and am full. My wife heroically powers on. She manages a cheeky wee bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream, which she says finished off her meal perfectly.

As we left, fully fed to satisfaction, I lamented my failure to properly investigate the dessert options. Even that couldn’t put a dent in our enjoyment of a beautiful meal.

Baba’s Bistro, 63 High Street, Kirkcaldy, 01592 642799