The magic of Mumbai Mansion

The guides are out, calendars are being checked and seats are being frantically booked. Yep, Edinburgh Festival season is almost upon us.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 4th July 2016, 9:00 am

Every year thousands descend upon the capital and if you’re making a day out of it you’d be well advised to stop off at the Mumbai Mansion, just a stone’s throw from Haymarket Station at the foot of Morrison Street.

The Indian restaurant only opened its doors last year and you can tell – it’s bright, clean and shiny with two large chandeliers hanging in the spacious dining room. I’m a sucker for a chandelier so we were off to a good start, which got even better when our polite and attentive waiter put our napkins across our laps. That always makes me feel like James Bond for some reason.

A second plus point for the Mumbai mansion and we hadn’t even looked at the menu yet.

My dining partner and I started off by sharing a papadom with a selection of dips before moving on to our starter proper, the vegetarian platter to share.

It came with a selection from three different dishes; corn and pea kebab, Paneer tikka and tandoori mushrooms.

It was delicious and veered on the spicy side which is where the Indian beer we had ordered to accompany it came in handy.

For our main we decided to share again. We chose prawn Malabar and seasonal vegetables with pilau rice and a side of plain nan bread.

Personally I was all for ordering a rice each, possibly as I was on my second beer by this point, but as it turned out what we had in front of us was ample.

Actually we weren’t able to finish the fantastic food we had in front of us which we both thoroughly enjoyed; my partner was particularly taken by the sauce with the prawn dish which she raved about.

So filling were the main course portions that we failed to consume that after wiping our hands on hot towels (007 moment number two, plus point number three) we decided to reluctantly pass on dessert tempting though the options were.

I was a glutinous moment away from the sticky toffee pudding which my groaning innards would have struggled to contend with.

The bill came to just over £47 which was maybe a little bit on the pricey side but we had been well looked after in a relaxing environment and had just been served excellent food which we had both heartily enjoyed, and we were in the middle of Edinburgh, so all things considered we were happy enough with what we had to pay.

We had gone for our main meal (lunch time and take away menus are also available) quite early at 5.30pm so it wasn’t too busy yet but I did hear a couple at another table saying that their own main dish was “delicious”.

So there you go, you don’t just have to take my word for it!

Mumbai Mansion, 250 Morrison Street, Edinburgh, 0131 229 7173

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