Diamond Camelon couple celebrate anniversary

Ailie and Abie Ross who celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on June 28
Ailie and Abie Ross who celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on June 28

A Camelon couple reached an incredible milestone on June 27 when they celebrated 60 years of marriage.

Husband and wife Abie (82) and Ailie (82) Ross were surrounded by their family as they marked the momentous occasion with a dinner at Coppertop.

Abie, from Dennyloanhead, first met Ailie, from Denny, in 1955 after she had written to him while in the army.

In the Seaforth Highlanders, Abie travelled from Germany, Egypt, Aden and Gibraltar, before he decided to get a flight home after winning £78 on bingo.

When arriving home in December, Abie met Ailie and her family for the first time.

The couple’s wedding was less than three years later, in a ceremony at Dennyloanhead Church by Mr Kellier.

Abie said all the wedding guests got some kicks out of the minister reading out his full first name, Ebenezer, a name that ran through the family.

He added: “I can remember my dad telling my son when he was young that he was meant to be called Ebenezer and he said he would have run away!”

Following the happy day, Abie worked as a cement finisher for 20 years before going to British Alcan, working on the shop floor and later as a foreman.

Ailie worked at Carrongrove Paper Mill before serving food at Mathieson’s, where she was known for her fish cooking skills.

The pair have two sons, Craig and Fraser, five grandchildren, Blair, Conor, Ellis, Eve and Jay, and two great-grandchildren, Freya and Dylan.

Sadly the couple now live apart as Ailie suffers from dementia and has lived in Kinnaird Manor Care Home for over four years – but her devoted husband visits every day.

Abie said: “Ailie took pneumonia, had a kidney taken out, then breast cancer, and she later was diagnosed with dementia.

“This has been the worst one.

“We always said we would never put each other into a home no matter what happened to us. So I looked after her for more than three years. I made her meals, dressed her, and then a carer came every morning to help as well.

“Unfortunately the doctor eventually said she needed 24 hour care, and with my headaches and high blood pressure he said I couldn’t do that – but I am here every single day.

“I also want to thank Kinnaird Care Home for all their help and support.”

Reflecting on 60 years Abie says it has been a long and loving marriage, adding: “We have had our arguments – you don’t make it through 60 years of marriage without a few wee arguments!

“But we did everything together, we enjoyed holidays with the kids, and we always got on so well with each other.”