Children's Day route change

Organisers of Grangemouth Children's Day have been forced to make changes to the traditional procession to Zetland Park.

The event committee decided, for health and safety reasons and to save the town being closed completely, cars will have access into and out of the town on the afternoon of Saturday, June 17.

Secretary Violet Cook said: “By law we have to have certain roads closed. In this case Beancross Primary School procession will turn left on Kenilworth Street, into Burnbank Road, and will not be walking in Central Avenue.

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“I know this may seem unfair to some residents but it is essential for us to do this. For Bowhouse Primary School, the procession will be going along the path at the swing park, walking along the path onto Kersiebank Avenue – the lorries will be parked on Kersiebank Avenue and will follow on after the children in the procession and the dowager cars.

“Tinto Drive will only be closed for ten minutes while the dowager car retinue leaves Bowhouse. This again is to allow any cars that may want to leave or enter Grangemouth.

“There will be road closures all along the route of the procession but they will be lifted after the procession has finished.”

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