Cheesecake? Next time!

The Oxgang House Hotel dining room.
The Oxgang House Hotel dining room.
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By the time I made it to Grangemouth for my table reservation last Sunday I was late and more than a tad crabbit.

First of all I wasn’t feeling too well as I had some sort of bug that was threatening to overthrow any energy I had.

Secondly, I forgot to bring my sat nav and my wing ‘man’ – my mum – wasn’t up to much reading the Google map I printed off so we took several wrong turns before finally ending up at the Oxgang House Hotel. Hence the lateness.

After my apologies, we were seated next to the bay window looking out on to a beer garden area that would look nice in the summer. However, this is December and snow was on its way.

It was a weekend of sacrifices (not bad ones I’ll admit) for me, but sacrifices all the same.

Despite feeling under the weather I had to drag myself to a Frankie Boyle gig in Glasgow the day before and now I had to visit a restaurant for a three-course meal cooked by a professional chef.

Life’s tough sometimes, but I soldiered on through the debilitating pain of my man flu, or whatever it was. A real trooper.

The dining room in the hotel reminds me of a large, lived-in sitting room. Indeed, the wallpaper on the feature wall is the same number that’s in my living room only a different colour, so I feel right at home.

It’s also obvious the Oxgang has a regular clientele as there’s a lot of banter, cuddles and kisses between the staff who are on first-name terms with a lot of the diners.

For starters, I ordered battered mushrooms which were crispy, fresh and delicious accompanied by a garlic sauce with fresh chives and salad. My only criticism would be that the salad, which was fresh, was a bit bland. I like a salad that can stand on its own as well as being a garnish.

Being in the mood for comfort food I chose the steak pie for the main while my dining partner for the evening chose the chicken with pepper sauce. My steak pie was lovely, accompanied by nice crispy chips, carrots, green beans and broccoli, but I wasn’t happy I couldn’t finish it all due to the delicate state I was in.

The chicken came with the same simple ingredients with a sprinkling of small cranberries and finely chopped chives to add a cheery festive look. The pepper sauce had a bit of a kick to it which was nice.

For a sweet I had to opt for ice cream. Shortly after we sat down I saw other people eating the cheesecake, which looked delicious, but by the time I came to order they had sold out – 48 cheesecakes, 
all gone.

I fancied the chocolate fudge cake too but didn’t think I would much of a dent in it 
so ice cream it was as.

You can’t argue with a

three-course meal for a tenner, especially if it’s decent quality like Oxgang’s. I’m planning to return to try the cheesecake.