Can you help solve mystery of Falkirk’s Dollar Park clock?

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Plans to restore the Dollar Park floral clock were unveiled earlier this year.

A joint initiative between the Cryenians and the Rotary Club of Falkirk was launched to raise the £20,000 necessary. The Friends of Dollar Park are also involved in the project.

There was no time to carry out all the fundraising and work this year but a floral display was planted at the clock’s original home at the entrance to the park. However, it was hoped to have it all in working order by 2019.

This was helped by a £5000 donation from the Barr Trust, set up by the family which makes Irn Bru, as well as local fundraising.

Grangemouth company Midland Electrical Winding and Contracting (Scotland) Ltd stepped in to offer to repair the windings or the original clock.

This had been previously moved to a site at West Bridge Street near the Municipal Buildings.

Last month a group from the Friends of Dollar Park, along with past and present Falkirk Council employees and councillors, began the task of digging up the mechanism to allow the repairs to take place.

After a morning of digging their task was complete and the mechanism was despatched to the company in the port town’s Inchyra Road.

The project has now hit a hitch as the original hands for the clock are missing.

Councillor Dennis Goldie, who helped with the removal of the workings from West Bridge Street, is now appealing for help to locate the lost parts.

He said: “Without the hands it is almost impossible to balance the mechanism to allow the clock to work again. I’m sure there must be a former council worker who remembers where they were put for safekeeping.

“Hopefully, they can help us locate them and we can have the clock fully restored and situated in Dollar Park for next summer as planned.”