Businesses not happy over new street name back in 1974

Locals pictured in 1974
Locals pictured in 1974

Angry businessmen and traders were protesting about the re-naming of one of Grangemouth’s oldest streets back in 1974.

Grangemouth Town Council announced its decision to re-name the pedestrianised part of Lumley Street ‘LaPorte Precinct’ that year, prior to the arrival of a party of visitors from the burgh’s twin town of LaPorte. It had been announced that the name would take effect from January 1, 1975.

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But, while the American visitors glowed with happiness at the gesture, local lawyers, bankers and shopkeepers were less enthusisatic.

Mr James Hare, manager of the Royal Bank of Scotland in Lumley Street, said at the time: “I realise that this is a fairly common practice in twining and, from that point of view, I can see the reason for re-naming.

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“However, this will be extremely costly for businesses and banks. It involves a great deal of paperwork when you consider that our address is contained on every deposit account book and cheque and so on.

“I am in sympathy with the council but would like to know if there will be any compensation.”