Bids in for key properties in Linlithgow and Bo'ness

Police Scotland have confirmed that they have found potential buyers for the two defunct police stations in Bo'ness and Linlithgow.

he Bo’ness property in Commissioner Street (pictured) and the Linlithgow High Street building are at the receiving end of bid to see them converted into a commercial operation.

Bo’ness has not had a police station open to the public for several years.

Linlithgow’s own station was transferred to a smaller facility within the hub that is Linlithgow Partnership Centre earlier this year.

However, there is no further information as to what form the buildings could take in the future

A police spokesman said: “Both premises are under offer at the moment with missives still to be completed, so no sale has been concluded.

“Therefore it’s commercially sensitive information as to who has made these offers so we cannot comment any further at present.”